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Deaf-Hearing Relationships

In all my years, I’ve once dated a deaf person. All others were hearing. I guess it’s a function of the people you hang out with. My last partner, who is now deceased, was someone who I knew for a long time, and when the opportunity presented itself, off we went. I see that people […]

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The Didgeridoo

In the early ’90s, I learned about didgeridoos, an ancient musical instrument from aboriginal Australia, in the movie “Encino Man,” when the caveman steps on the TV remote, and Yothu Yindi comes on after the rock band. The song “Treaty” plays. The pitch bending in the beginning before the start of lyrics and the didgeridoo […]

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Reverse Deafness in Humans Possible

For a while now, scientists have been trying to come up with a way to restore hearing in mammals before it can be applied to humans. Well, apparently earlier this month the researchers at Harvard Medical School have for the first time demonstrated hair cels being regenerated in an adult mouse. They used a drug, […]

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SSDI or No?

Years ago, while in graduate school, I was cautioned that I might want to apply for SSDI if I ended up working for a grocery store (not too far off the mark, just a few blocks down the street). Somehow, she knew that I wasn’t suited to work in a particular field (I’m not – […]

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My Life as a Deaf Musician Part III

People have often asked something like this: “This might be a stupid question, and I don’t mean to offend you… But how can you play if you can’t hear? Are you only partially deaf? Sorry to ask such a personal question, but that part just got me confused.” My response is the following: Not a […]

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Education in Oral Deaf School

I was found to be deaf at seven and a half years old, so we were uprooted and moved to San Antonio, Texas so I could go to the Sunshine Cottage school for the deaf. This happened in the 70s. I was told years later that the method was teaching us, on a one-on-one basis, […]

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Spiritual Background

As I had mentioned before, I am pre-lingually and profoundly deaf. Let me explain. I apparently lost my hearing within the first year or so. My baby book, which is unfortunately lost, had noted that I started to learn to talk and use the words I learned in the proper context at TWO MONTHS old. […]

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My Introduction

Hello and welcome to if it is your first time here. My name is Stephanie Ellison. I have been asked to contribute to this blog, which I will gladly do (thank you, Alex). I am pre-lingually, profoundly deaf. I wear power hearing aids, the Phonak NovoForte E4 model. Given that, I speak and lip-read […]

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