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Caffeine Consumption Lowers Tinnitus Risk

New discoveries about caffeine have come to light and it is a healing discovery for those suffering with Tinnitus or ringing of the ears. Specifically women have been studied in this American Journal of Medicine study since 1991. The results were highest in younger and middle aged women suffering with this condition as they upped […]

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The Fate of Your Hearing Could be In the Air

A recent study conducted by Manchester University connects smokers, or those who have been exposed to secondary smoke from smokers, to hearing loss. People who were not subjected to tobacco smoke had a reduced incidence of hearing loss compared to those who were smokers or had been continuously exposed to second hand smoke. Smoking has […]

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Drugs That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Did you know that a lot of prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause hearing loss?┬áIf not, you’re not alone. These drugs are also known as Ototoxic medicines, and many people are unaware that there are over 200 of these drugs on the market today. As a matter of fact, the word Ototoxic means “damage to […]

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Noisy Toys May Cause Hearing Loss In Children

The toys you got for your children on Christmas may cause them hearing problems. Those police car toys and rubber duckies can give off sounds of 90 decibels (dB). That’s as loud as a lawnmower. Noise at this level is painful and can result in permanent hearing loss in your children. Doctors are seeing a […]

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Sudden, Temporary Hearing Loss A Good Thing

Contrary to popular belief, sudden and temporary hearing loss, especially after being exposed to loud noise, may be good and not necessarily bad or damaging. In fact, when sound levels rise, the cells in our cochlea releases the ATP hormone, which causes temporary reduction in hearing sensitivity. There has been cases where people lost their […]

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Sign Language Dictionaries

Seeing that I helped to dispel the myth of the “universal sign language” and started the Sign Language Series, I figured I had better put up sources of dictionaries of sign language, print or online. You may want to consider three sources. Let’s go through them. Print dictionaries: Random House Webster’s American Sign Language Dictionary […]

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Deaf Business Feature: Ultratec, Inc.

I want to feature a deaf-owned business that is a leader in text telecommunications, Ultratec ( Robert Engelke started his business in 1978 out of the basement of his home in Wisconsin (now based in Madison, Wisconsin). At the time, he was an electrical engineer designing devices for people with communication disorders. You have to […]

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Video Phone Technology

Today is an amazing time for deaf people, with an array of communication tools available for communicating with each other that is much faster and more elegant than the TTY. Now, we can IM, text, and email each other. Imagine signing with your phone! You can do that now with Video Phone technology. Video Phone […]

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Infrasonic Experiments

Today, I’ll “go around the bend” here and bring up something unusual that I had touched on earlier; infrasound and elephants. This time I will look at how infrasound affects humans from experiments conducted on human subjects. 20Hz is considered the bottom limit of the frequency range of human hearing. When pure sine waves are […]

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Noise Pollution

It seems to be that noise pollution is all around us. Hearing people generally have no escape from it unless they take steps to mitigate it. You can be near construction work sites for some time. An airport is nearby, or railroad tracks are close by. Maybe you live in a unhealthy, crime-ridden area where […]

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