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Analog or Digital Hearing Aids?

It is a contentious one. This is going to be very biased, coming from a pre-lingually, profoundly-deaf musician. And I’m not going to apologize for it. It is a very personal thing for me, and what applies to me may not apply to others. Where to start… I have used analog hearing aids for a […]

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My Life as a Deaf Musician Part II

After my grade school and college experiences, it felt like a brightly shining chapter in my life had closed as I pressed on with college and tried making it in a “real” major – Computer Science. Boy… What a learning experience! It turns out that after about 3 years of college, I didn’t want to […]

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My Life as a Deaf Musician

I started playing music in the 5th grade in the elementary school band program. The inspiration for my interest in music was the snare line in the old, old show, “Hogan’s Heroes.” Oddly enough, I had begun with experimenting with the idea of instruments having different pitches and timbres (or quality of the tone) on […]

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Media Captioning

Things have certainly improved for the Deaf movie viewers these days. There was a time when NO captioning was available anywhere. I often had to ask my parents or friends what was being said; they either told me what was being said quickly, or they said, “Stephanie, we’ll tell you later! Let’s watch the movie.” […]

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Today, I wanted to write something on a difficult topic. That has to do with losing your abilities post-lingually (as an older child or an adult). This is different than being born without them or losing them so early that you don’t have many memories associated with such abilities. To clarify, I lost my hearing […]

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Who Else Doesn’t Like Digital Hearing Aids?

So I got the Starkey Destiny BTE digital hearing aid today. While it’s pretty cool that it balances sound and is somewhat more accurate than my old analog hearing aid, I have to say I’m disappointed. I’ve been wearing analog hearing aids for my left ear all my life. The thing with an analog hearing […]

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Search For Hearing Aids Online With Care

If you’re like many of us who search online for hearing aid centers or repair shops, consider what may happen if you don’t search with care. Here’s a true story. A guy named James Mock of Phoenix sent his hearing aid to a repair company he found online. Buyer’s Haven in St. Paul, to be […]

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Hearing Aids That Talk To Each Other

Making adjustments to both hearing aids can be a hassle, especially if a hearing aid in one ear is pitched louder than the other, the user will not know where the sound is coming from. Now there are hearing aids that “talk” to each other and produce sound that is close to normal hearing. Thanks […]

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