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Shrinking Earmolds

Here’s something that has gotten my attention in recent years. Earmolds. I’ve had times when I would get earmolds when they are WAY too big, and I would have to get them remade. At times, they would be too small, and the cast for the mold would have to be dipped again to make them […]

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Myths about Deafness

I thought today would be a good time to dispel some myths about being deaf and deaf people. Myths come from lack of knowledge about deafness, and education can help to clear things up. Please keep in mind that some seem quite offensive, and they are, but that’s what people actually believe. False: Deaf people […]

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Peace and Quiet

Man! There are times when I need peace and quiet! Just turn the hearing aids off! This is one major benefit, especially when I drive home after a long or crazy day at work, and I’m dealing with rush-hour traffic. Tune… Out… There is nothing like the silence of having my hearing aids off. For […]

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In Between Worlds

I grew up oral-deaf, so I live in between two worlds. The Deaf world over this way and the Hearing world that way. What is this place that I’m in? It feels like I don’t belong in either world, but in a vacuum, a space with no floor, no foundation. I have skills for both […]

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Learning Foreign Languages

I have often wanted to learn a new language in its entirety, but I seem to have a learning block. It may stem from having learned English the hard way as a deaf child. It was HARD! I had to learn to lip-read and speak in the school for the deaf, and I was significantly […]

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International Hearing People

I’m referring to people who speak languages other than English as their primary languages. For me, it is hardest when they are my customers, as I have to work with them from beginning to closing of the sale. There are a few times when I have to turn them over to another sales person because […]

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Stem Cell Therapy

This may be a very contentious topic in the future, just like cochlear implants were years ago. The difference is, the Deaf world faces extinction, or decimation at the least, if it is perfected and is applied to future babies found to be deaf. Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) is going to be a complicated issue […]

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South Africa: Free Hearing Aids Given Out

Hearing aid provider GN Resound has given away 349 hearing aids to hearing-impaired people who need it in South Africa, which helped reduce the long waiting list. Among the hundreds that were given hearing aids, was Joe Mafela, who is a South African actor, writer, producer, director and businessman. When asked about being one of […]

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More Advantages of Being Deaf

There are times when I just get full of my life as a deaf person. I miss out on lots of things in the hearing world because what I pick up is incomplete, so it’s hard for me to participate fully in the moment with hearing people. It gets frustrating for me, especially since I […]

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Sign Languages

Yes. Sign languages. That is not a typo. So, you thought there was just one sign language, and I could converse with a deaf person from Sudan, Romania, India, etc.? Well, it’s not always true. Just as you have many languages in the hearing world, and even dialects within each language, you have them in […]

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