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5 Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips

Summer is here, at least in the United States it is, and the heat and humidity can cause hearing aid problems, especially if you’re involved in outdoor activities. Here are some tips on how to protect your hearing aid investment and still have fun in the sun. 1) Avoid getting your hearing aids wet, whether […]

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In The Mouth Hearing Aid

This is not the first bone conduction hearing aid on the market, but the SoundBite is the first that does not require surgery, is easily removable, and you put it in your mouth. How does it work? The device that is put in your mouth helps one hear through vibrations that is picked up by […]

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Teen Given New Hearing Aids

Alyssa Kuykendall, a teenager with hearing loss, may begin to hear again today. Twice within the past three years, her hearing aids were destroyed when her parent’s house in Piqua caught fire. When the 17-year-old appeared on the Dr. Phil television show, she was donated a pair of hearing aids by Oticon, the world’s second […]

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Bone Conduction Implant System

Just recently, a man received the world’s first bone conduction implant system, called the Bonebridge. Brian Hogg, 29, from Edinburgh in Scotland received this implant along with a right ear reconstruction in December 2012, which was needed because of a genetic disorder that affects the proper growth of the head and neck, called Treacher Collins […]

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Hearing Aids to Prevent Falls?

A study is being set up to research whether hearing aids and other devices can help prevent falls. UT Dallas researchers are recruiting patients for a new study to look at a possible connection between hearing deficits and the likelihood of falls. They are looking for 10 adults, ages 50 to 80 years, who have […]

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Emergency Service for the Deaf and Speech-Impaired

It looks like emergency service via 911 is becoming a reality for the deaf and speech-impaired in North America. In Canada, it was announced recently that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has ordered that wireless carriers must make changes to make it possible for 911 to be available via text messaging within twelve months. […]

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Donating Your Hearing Aids

Do you have hearing aids sitting in the drawer or in your closet that you don’t wear any more, but don’t know what to do with them? Or do you have hearing aids from family members who have passed away or those who now have cochlear implants and don’t wear the hearing aids anymore? There […]

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Deaf Culture

Deaf culture. Notice that I spelled it with a big “D.” There are people who are deaf, and then there are people who are Deaf. There’s a difference; the oral deaf tend to either live part-time in both Deaf and hearing worlds or live mainly in the hearing world. The manual deaf (those who sign […]

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Auditory Brainstem Implant Approved By FDA

For those who are born without a hearing nerve or cochlea, there is now a solution approved by the FDA — Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI). Basically, the ABI is a prosthetic hearing device that stimulate neurons inside the human brainstem, and it was developed by House Research Institute in Los Angeles, CA. The United States […]

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