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Sign Language Dictionaries

Seeing that I helped to dispel the myth of the “universal sign language” and started the Sign Language Series, I figured I had better put up sources of dictionaries of sign language, print or online. You may want to consider three sources. Let’s go through them. Print dictionaries: Random House Webster’s American Sign Language Dictionary […]

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Deaf Business Feature: Ultratec, Inc.

I want to feature a deaf-owned business that is a leader in text telecommunications, Ultratec ( Robert Engelke started his business in 1978 out of the basement of his home in Wisconsin (now based in Madison, Wisconsin). At the time, he was an electrical engineer designing devices for people with communication disorders. You have to […]

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Video Phone Technology

Today is an amazing time for deaf people, with an array of communication tools available for communicating with each other that is much faster and more elegant than the TTY. Now, we can IM, text, and email each other. Imagine signing with your phone! You can do that now with Video Phone technology. Video Phone […]

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