Hearing Aids That Talk To Each Other

Making adjustments to both hearing aids can be a hassle, especially if a hearing aid in one ear is pitched louder than the other, the user will not know where the sound is coming from. Now there are hearing aids that “talk” to each other and produce sound that is close to normal hearing.

Thanks to Siemens, their Acuris hearing aids features all of the state-of-the-art digital functions and technology. Acuris hearing aids use wireless technology which sense, analyzes and adjusts automatically making it convenient for the user. They also include a small remote control so that the hearing aid user can make adjustments without touching the hearing aid(s).

Deaf Janet Lynch said using analog and digital hearing aids in the past produced mixed result. But with her new Acuris hearing aids she can hear sorround sounds. “It’s like a new world opening up. I can hear my husband calling me from the next room. I feel confident and poised, instead of vulnerable and exposed”, she said.

Finally there are hearing aids that work together. For more information on Siemens Acuris visit www.siemens-hearing.com

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